Management Team

Paul Fraley - Chief Technology Officer

Paul has been with TEGA since its inception. He now leads the development team responsible for delivering world-class software. His extensive experience and knowledge in product management, software engineering, and database design served as an invaluable asset in developing TEGA’s underlying technology. Early in his career, Paul started his own software development and consulting firm where he was able to meet the ever changing needs of his clients in a progressive technological market.

He designed specially tailored software to transition the City of Phoenix to paperless files which ultimately saved the City over half a million dollars a year. The success of his company lay in his ability to assess the needs of his clients and deliver creative ways to improve business efficiency through technology. Paul obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Purdue University.
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Management Team

Bill Hamlin

Founder / CEO

Kelly Dresch Hamlin


Paul Fraley

Chief Technology Officer

Bryant Regehr

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Todd Furness

Vice President of Business Development

Theresa Chong

Director of Finance and HR

Sam Chandy

Senior Director of Client Services

Megan Darter

Director of Client Services