Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Helm Technologies supports Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) O.U.R. is a non-profit 501c3 (non-governmental) organization based in the United States that works with local and federal law enforcement around the world to help eradicate child slavery and the sexual exploitation of minors. O.U.R. believes that it is a government’s right and responsibility to protect the individuals within its borders, especially its children. They know that governments and individuals are working hard to protect the children within their borders from exploitation. Because of the pervasiveness and growing criminal industry based on the exploitation of children and the complexity of investigations of these kinds of crimes, departments and agencies feel overwhelmed.

O.U.R. acts as a force multiplier to assist governments in this fundamental role of protecting their children. They are not a vigilante group and will not operate in a given country or jurisdiction without permission from the host government in charge. What O.U.R. seeks to do is empower governments by providing resources such as equipment, manpower, training, technology, and experience in the interdiction of child trafficking and exploitation. O.U.R. is staffed with professionals who have served in Homeland Security Investigations (H.S.I.), Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.), and Military Special forces (Navy Seals/Rangers), as well as local police investigators who specialize in vice crimes and crimes against children.

The operational aspect of O.U.R. is three fold:
First is creating awareness of the slavery problem, Second is the eradication of child trafficking leveraging technology and through proper and legal investigation.

Members of O.U.R. will operate within the purview of the host government and can be deputized or operate as confidential informants depending on the needs of the laws regarding investigation, arrest, and prosecution. We can provide technical training on best practices for a variety of investigation types ranging from traditional investigations to cyber investigations, as well as tactical and security training for investigators.

Third is the coordination of recovery and aftercare of victims. O.U.R. Recovery and Aftercare vets and partners with aftercare facilities in the country we are operating in to help ensure victims of child exploitation receive the best possible treatment physically, mentally and emotionally. Additionally, recovery and aftercare can provide training on addressing challenging behaviors that are sometimes a result of trauma, education on how to identify human trafficking, and best practices when interviewing a child that has just been rescued.

O.U.R. is committed to using its resources for the eradication of modern slavery and helping countries and governments protect their children from predators. We want to unite the many organizations and groups that are helping in the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation because we know that we can do more together.

Kelly Dresch, Founder/President of Helm Technologies pictured with a child from Uganda, Africa on a mission trip with Operation Underground Railroad.

It goes without explaining the reason Helm Technologies is standing behind, O.U.R. on a corporate level and that support heightened after my trip on the Uganda Aftercare Mission with them. My wish is for everyone is to step out of their comfortable world and take a look around and be a part of a bigger need and awareness! The effects of poverty go beyond anyone’s comprehension, but the evil of pornography has played an even bigger role in all of this! Pornography is the introduction that has fueled a thriving commercial business with innocent children as the leading asset.

"Nearly 2 Million children are in sex slavery right now and the number is growing. Some say good people don’t know what’s going on! I think some just don’t want to know. I myself needed to be more aware of other people’s reality and take a stand! Hope anyone who learns about Operation Underground Railroad will do the same.” Kelly

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